Anatoli Gostev - Lake of meetings | Oil on cardboard

Czech Republic
Delivery from Czech Republic

date of creation 2007 ©
Anatoli Gostev
48 cm
40 cm
2 Exhibition

Artist: Anatoli Gostev

The picture "Lake of meetings" was done in 2007, when the style of work of the artist seems to have defined. The ideal combination of simplification of painting without an uncontrolled fall into the abstraction.

The artist Anatoli Gostev told about Painting on the author's website

"Wandering around the Staffelsee neighborhood, I felt their presence in this place. And it was there that a rethinking took place: from copying nature to feeling the content, to abstraction and to the transfer of an extract of sensations. From these meetings with my Great brothers - artists, the painting "Lake of Meetings" was born - one of my paintings inspired by this great place."

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  • oil
  • cardboard

Half a century with a brush in his hand

Delivery from Czech Republic