Anatoli Gostev - Red Road | Oil on Canvas

Delivery from Poland

date of creation 2014 ©
Anatoli Gostev
89 cm
77 cm

Artist: Anatoli Gostev

When we speak of nature, we must not forget that we are part of it and that we should be curious to absorb sensations associated with it, as if we were studying someone close to us, because there is a connection between us and the rest of the world.

My method of working is simple - I keep the idea of the painting for six months ... I paint Winter in Summer, and Autumn in Spring.

Six months is enough to filter feelings, the choice of color and composition is not based on any theory, it is based on observation, feelings and memories. I'm inspired by the feeling that is caused by the arrival of spring and by the pure paints of the awakening nature, trying to achieve a deep effect, which creates a painting. Striving for the intensity itself forces me to ignore the reality, highlighting and strengthening that what is the most important, but it is the pursuit of art, which is full of balance and purity.

How to Buy a Painting "Red Road"?

If you are interested to buy a painting "Red Road", please contact FABER VISUM Art & Brand Building Agency in Poland (+48 500-030-252) or directly online here, on an Art sales page Delivery from Poland.

  • canvas
  • oil

Half a century with a brush in his hand

Delivery from Poland